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Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa of Calcutta was one of the most famous Christians of the 20th century, depite living and working among the poorest people of India and treating them as if they were Jesus himself. Click the links below to read more.



Welcome to the rejesus sport pages. Below you'll find interviews with famous sports personalities from the worlds of international football, golf, rugby and athletics. Simply click on a image to read the interview.

Happiness e-course


This course takes the wisdom and simplicity of Jesus and combines it with the latest interventions from the world of positive psychology to help you find happiness and meaning in your life. Follow this free 8 week happiness course, complete the exercises and see what occurs for you.

Sacred space


An office temp from Basingstoke . . .
A big company in Thirsk . . .
The staff of a shop in Liverpool . . .
A University canteen department . . .
And a busy charity executive working in Newtown . . .

Have all downloaded 'Sacred Space' the free PDF from rejesus.

Jude Simpson’s poems


Which came first for Jude – the passion to communicate and entertain or the undeniable gift with words? She describes the two coming together and finding line by line, gig by gig that she's compelled to do what she's doing. The Guardian describes her as "hilarious" and the Scotsman said "She's got words on a string like so many yoyos, and her lines sparkle with wit and panache." She is no less brilliant in her creations for rejesus but why not find out for yourself.

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