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Embellishing the Truth

I imagine that most of us aren’t really that interested in what journalists have called ‘Plebgate’ but it has certainly managed to outlast other news items, which frankly are more deserving of column inches.

Number Crunching

So more information has been released from the 2011 UK Census and it will come as no surprise to most of us that the percentage of people defining themselves as Christians has declined considerably in the last decade – from 72% to 59%. But the BBC’s religious affairs correspondent reports that Church is not discouraged. Some are sceptical about the Census’ finding and, besides, 59% shows that “Christian belief is alive and well”…apparently.

Those Photos

Once again, the media is at odds with itself about what can be defined as “in the public interest”. A well-known PR man has said that royalty should be able to sunbathe topless or enjoy a party with their mates and expect their privacy to be respected while clearly some photographers and editors feel that they are fair game and financially worth the risk of being sued. In the end, I suppose that this is all a question of who defines our identity. Kate, William and Harry can recognise that their positions come with both privilege and responsibility but they have little or no control over how others will perceive that position.


I’m glad to say that the Olympics turned out not to be a “humiliating shambles” but a real joy to watch for so many reasons. Mind you, having seen several matches I still don’t fully understand handball and the judging of synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics completely baffles me. Answers on a postcard to rejesus...

Pots and Kettles

No doubt many of us picked up the recent concern about racism amongst football supporters at Euro 2012. The BBC has seemed especially worried about the matter, devoting a whole Panorama programme to the issue. Mind you, I had to smile when, having discussed racism on Match of the Day, the very same TV presenter in the lead-up to the Germany - Portugal game, pointed out that the Germans had arrived on the pitch pretty early “probably so that they could lay out their towels”.

Justice for the Pasty!

Hurrah! The Government has seen sense. The price of a pasty is going to be the same whether the baker who cooked it serves it hot straight from the oven or allows it to cool. What a relief! That is front page news!

At Cross Purposes

Here’s a conundrum for you: What’s the similarity between a Sports Relief Fun-Runner and the Church of England? Well one answer might be “they’re both after your money” but there is another.

A Christian Country?

Earlier in this week, David Cameron, addressed Anglican clergy in Oxford to celebrate the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the King James Bible. During his speech, the “committed…but vaguely practising Church of England Christian” declared once more that “we are a Christian country”. [You can read the whole speech here]. Of course, he is not the first, but I wonder what Jesus would make of his claim.

What’s It Worth?

I’ve recently come across this stuff - a plastic which softens in hot water and then can be moulded. It’s been selling at a reasonable price for some time. Then this year another company renamed it, repackaged it and is selling it at more than double the price. And though the cheaper brand is still available, people are buying the expensive stuff. What’s going on?

The Jesus Silly Season

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. More tellingly however the news starts to carry a glut of bizzare, minor stories about Jesus which together combine to remind those who are only faintly aware that Christmas is kinda meant to be about Jesus.'

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